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Paradisimo Consulting - FAQ's

How long have you been designing websites?

We have been designing, programming and hosting websites since 1991.

How will you keep my website up-to-date?

We use the latest, but established, technologies to keep your websites modern and secure.

Do I have to be a large corporation for you to create a site for me?

From a one-person business to an online store selling direct to your customers we design bespoke sites for your needs.

Do you simply use a preformatted template or is each design unique

We consult with each client before offering several design options based on the information they have given us and allow the customer to specify any special design requirements.

Do you provide any other services?

We also have made freely available over 100 templates that you can choose from, adapt to your own colour-scheme or needs or simply download to use yourself (these are produced under the GPU copyright licence)