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Do 'boxes' on the internet have to be simple squares or rectangles?

Of course not

By using W3C, HTML5 and W3.CSS your pages can contain rounded boxes (like this one), circles, photo's within circular frames, animation ....

The list goes on but, to show them all here would make our pages look like something out of a certain 'Flying Circus'.

Why not contact us to see how we can help you.


If you are not looking for a new site, or a re-design, at the moment, but would be interested in the future why not send us a message - use the form on the left - and in the 'Your Comments' box just type Mailing List and we will keep you informed of new items and offers

For example, did you know that charities, and not-for-profit associations, can have their sites created 'pro-bono'?